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- Biography

I am a Lebanese director and editor living between Lebanon, KSA and the UAE.

A creative by nature, an entrepreneur by upbringing and a melting pot of cultures.

After Film school in The New York Film Academy Manhattan, I started my career as a Co-Founder of The Loft ME. A multidisciplinary creative studio that shaped my character as an entrepreneur, sharpened my skills as a producer, director and editor, and rounded my knowledge in fields of management, marketing and communication.

I coordinated the Saudi‚Äôs Film Council’s first participation in the Cannes Film Festival, 2017.

I am currently engaging in advertising, to achieve a more personal relatable image for brands and create narratives that the consumer can identify with.

Advertising is a platform for story telling, performance, and asthetic. When done right, it results in elevating the brand experience.