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- Biography



I am a Lebanese producer director living In Jeddah Saudi Arabia.

A creative by nature, an entrepreneur by upbringing and a melting pot of cultures.



A very committed, hard working and dedicated person that is looking forward to embarking onto the next challenge. I set clear goals and I am confident to see such aspirations reach a clear reality. I am a very good communicator and a team player that leads by example and by enabling others. I am blessed with a variety of diverse experiences that have equipped me with a high level of emotional intelligence that sees me navigate the most challenging of circumstances and turn such adversities into new opportunities.

Recent Projects:

2021 | Red Sea International Film Festival | Event Manager | Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

2018 | Port Partners for The Saudi Film Council | Project Coordinator | UAE, Saudi, France.

2012- 2017 | The Loft ME | Co-Founder – Head of Film Department| Jeddah, Saudi Arabia